Month: November 2010

That’s Groovy Baby – A New Golf Club Groove for 2010

Well, I was looking for golf deals to share with you guys and i came across this promotion from Basically reminding us that manufactures such as Cleveland have to begin to manufacture their wedges’ grooves to conform to the new rule that went into effect at the begining of 2010 (for the Pro’s anyway). I remember reading about this new rule this time last year and wondering what sort of effect it would have on the pro game, on my game, and even on the cost of wedges and iron sets. You figure the machine shops would have to retool or replace the equipment they use to mill the grooves, who then would pass the added costs on to the retail customer. With that thought in mind, and the slight worry that within a couple of years I would not even be able to buy a pre-2010 grooved wedge, I thought I better get one while the getting’s good! I received a few Dick’s Sporting Goods gift cards for the 2009 holidays and had some coupons that enabled me to walk out of the store w/ a shiny new Cleveland CG15 for $52! These things are like the MacBook’s of golf, they never go on sale, and if they do, they are rarely discounted more than ten percent. I heard people tout these wedges and their performace but...

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Turn your head before you swing.

This is a tip I was given by my high school coach (among many) that has stuck with me since the day he said it. All you do is turn your head away from the target and look at the ball out of the “corner” of your leading eye at address, right before your take away. What this does is put your head in the position it should be in at the top of the swing before you even begin your back swing. See below… Notice my head is tilted exactly the same at address as it is at the beginning of my downswing. One less thing to think...

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