Month: April 2011

When to Play Through

I pose that statement because I had asked my group if they felt on the next par 3 if we should let the group behind us play through. The gentleman in my group retorted, “Naw, there’s guys behind them!” Thus we just continued our round as normal. Later, while we were eating, that same gentleman made mention of the fact that there were only 2 of them and 4 of us, and thats why they were breathing down our necks. At the time I had not considered that fact, instead had the fascination I was at fault. Why? Because I tend to blame myself for “slow play”. Today, for instance, I shot 65 for 9 holes. Lost 8 balls, 4 in plain sight! So as I am looking for these balls, its taking the full 5 minutes of allotted time, and I still have to take a drop. As all this time is ticking away, I can see the group behind us standing on the tee. I then begin to rush myself with the thought that I am inconveniencing these people, who I don’t even know. I then rush my routine, loose my focus and then flub, or chuck the shot! This then seems to become self perpetuating. Before I realize it, i’m holing out a legit 8! So who is getting hurt here? As I sit here writing...

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Fix My Flat Golf Swing – Practice Range Update: April

I have been working very diligently on fixing my flat swing, implementing everything you can see in This Video. One can take all the practice swings they want in their back yard, but the true test is when you can get to the range and hit some balls; the real deal! I am not just putting myself on video for your entertainment and, dare I assume, complete amazement (haha), I’m also doing it so I can see if I am making the proper adjustments. Last week I did not bring my bag full of tripods and cameras with me to the range because I could not hit my 7 Iron and I had to fix that the “old fashioned way” before I could get back to working on getting my hands higher at the top of my backswing. I hit about 200 balls with my 7 Iron last week and fixed my contact problem. I only needed about 50 to “fix” it, the remaining 150 were just to dial it in, so to speak. Today I brought my bag of A/V equipment with me to see if all my practice swings and weight training is working. As it turns out, I am making progress! I will admit I surprised myself a bit while editing the stills together comparing my swing last year to that of this year, and its...

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The Masters Begins!

I have to admit that I have always been “a player” of golf, began in my backyard, progressed to the range, and finally 18+ holes. I never had much interest in “watching” others play when I was younger. I always wanted to be outside “doing” and practicing, rather than inside, watching. Obviously, that has changed as I watch nearly every tournament, due in no small part to the availability of High Definition Television. And, in small part, because I do not play competitively any longer, so I am not as obsessed with practice these days. The Masters, however, was a different story. As I wrote earlier, the Masters signified the “official” beginning of the season for me. My high school’s golf team (which I was a member of) began their season right after this week. That carried with it excitement that reached beyond the buzz in Agusta for me. I think every hacker watches the Masters in hopes of one day playing in it. I remember my grandfather, who was my first coach, and his excitement on Masters Thursday. We would watch the final round on Sunday and he would point certain things out to me that these players, who were the best in the world, were doing and elaborate on “how” they did it. I could not wait to put the things I had seen these players do...

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