Month: May 2011

Working on My Golf Handicap

I am working on not one, but two handicaps. How many can say that?! The first, the one I’m best at, Cerebral Palsy, I have been working on for 33 years. So as you might expect I am a professional by now! The second, my golf handicap, that is very new to me. The other day was in fact the first round that counted toward establishing my handicap. It was the first round that I have had those “competitive butterflies” since I played competitively in high school. I came in with 110 for 18, a bit high for my liking. If the thought, “this round counts” was not enough to rattle me, I also was faced with 18 holes of this… Standing Water on every hole! Naturally it was “Cart Path Only”, so I knew I’d be walking a good deal. I never have used my disability as an excuse for my play if it happened to be poor that particular day. In my mind, I feel as though I should be able to keep up (within reason) with any “amateur” out there. Like it or not, it is a fact that I just do not have the ability to walk a course. At times, the “Cart Path Only” rule can lead to as much, if not more walking than if you were to walk the course without a...

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Jay Featured on The Golf Fix Ep. 90 on 2/7/11

It has been just short of three months to the day since I was featured on The Golf Channel’s show, “The Golf Fix, with Micheal Breed” on February 2, 2011. Well, I have finally seen it and am able to share it with all of you! As excited as I am to have the footage in my possession, I am just as (if not possibly more) excited to share with you the story of how the DVD came to be in my possession. The story is one that reflects what everyone claims is an intrinsic part of the game of Golf, and of those who play it; Integrity. This seems to be proven almost weekly by the players on tour, such as Webb Simpson’s act of sportsmanship calling penalty on himself at the Zurich Classic in New Orleans which may have cost him victory. If you add a dash of humor, irony and 98 cents to that “integrity”, you have this blog entry! One Saturday night I was on Twitter conversing with some of my followers and the subject of this episode of The Golf Fix came up. More specifically that I was the only one among those I was conversing with who had NOT seen it! So you can guess there was some good natured ribbing going on at my expense! A more recent follower who was in...

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