Month: September 2011

Jay Visits North Carolina – OBX

I recently returned from my family vacation to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Back to reality, I know, but it is nice to be able to share a bit of my vacation with you. I of course brought my sticks with me as I had planned to play a round or two while on vacation. When I arrived my attentions were drawn to the beach as the weather and water temperature were absolutely perfect. The forecast called for more of the same until it was to turn ugly Thursday night into Friday and throughout the weekend. So how can one pass on enjoying the beach all day after seeing this? On Tuesday I decided to call the local courses as it had only been three short weeks since Hurricane Irene had thumped the Outer Banks. I wondered if the courses would even be open. The course I most wanted to play was Nags Head Golf Links since I had played there in 2004. Sadly, they were closed. When I called all I heard was a terse voicemail stating as much. My next call was to a course called Sea Scape Golf Links and a human answered! I had a very pleasant conversation with the gentleman explaining who I was and that I was a golf blogger and inquired about how his and other courses fared with Irene. He...

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Golf: Planned Athletic Reaction. PAR

I believe every sport has many things in common, the main being hand-eye coordination along with some degree of athletic ability. The start of my ping pong season lead me to think about its relation to golf. More specifically, what can I take from my experience playing competitive ping pong and apply it to my golf game. The main thing being what I call “Planned Athletic Reaction”. Golf may be a game of inches, but table tennis is a game of millimeters (not to mention milliseconds)! If I can smash a little white pong pong ball to the far corner of the table repeatedly why should hitting a little white golf ball to a chosen point pose any more difficulty? Repetitive practice or play leads to pure athletic reaction. Table Tennis (the pro’s hate the term “ping pong”) is so fast a sport that most of my shots are “planned reaction”. The plan is to move my opponent to my left, then to my right, thus forcing the left to be wide open to a down-the-line smash to win the point. That sequence might take 2-3 seconds, so realistically I am not actually “thinking” about where to hit or put the ball, I am just “doing it”. Whether it be a 3-shot point or a 17 shot rally, I am relying on experience. I have “seen it all before”,...

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