Month: May 2012

The Club Champion Golf Fitters Experience

By now you may have noticed I really love golf, everything about it, but most of all playing, moreover, playing well. Striking that little white ball with surgical precision is euphoric to me. Just as a skilled surgeon needs the best and most precisely engineered tools to perform at their best, a skilled golfer will also perform at their best if given tools that are engineered exactly to their specifications. The professionals have club manufacturer sponsorships, and those manufacturers have very elaborate set-ups with which to fit those professionals with the equipment that is exactly tailored to their golf game and swing characteristics. I am going to guess most of you reading this do not fit into this aforementioned category. If you are a pro, feel free to visit my contact page! Otherwise, continue reading. I had a retail fitting (which was more of an evaluation of my existing clubs) preformed a little over a year ago at my local Golf Galaxy. The vast difference between Club Champion and Golf Galaxy is honestly difficult for me to articulate with mere words because the experience for me was so moving. As I mentioned, it was my daydream come true. Such being the case, I shall provide many visual aids, along with some explanations, and you can judge the difference for yourself. Immediately after walking through the doors of Club Champion...

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The Club Champion Experience Part 2

What is TrackMan you ask? This is TrackMan. TrackMan measures ball launch as well as all clubface and swing data. Then instantly, using a proprietary world-class ball flight model, it calculates the length, dispersion and trajectory of the shot. TrackMan measures the full trajectory of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400 yard drives and measures the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards. Here is a picture of what you see after TrackMan has calculated the data… The yellow, vertical line I have drawn illustrates the two sides of data which will be the focus of yourself and your fitter. Can you guess which side you will be looking at? Thankfully, your fitter will be looking at the left side of that line! To make this a bit easier to comprehend and explain, I will use the data from my iron fitting. If you wish, Club Champion will be happy to provide you with all the following data sheets from your fitting. They will also review your results as you go through your fitting to help you understand what the different variables mean and how they effect your game. In this first graphic you see the data from the shafts used. Again, Club Champion views the shaft as the foundation and they then select a club head. In this case a head most...

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The Club Champion Experience Part 3

Pictured below are the Trajectory and Dispersion graphs for the shafts I tried. You can see quite easily how far better the Fit on Max 65 R2 preformed as compared to the others. The following two graphs are the Trajectory and Dispersion of the club heads combined with the shaft. There is not much doubt as to the winner. The Mizuno MP 53 with its progressive cavity, diamond muscle-back, blade design turned out to be the perfect. It has the thin top line of a blade that is visually pleasing, while providing the help I need in the longer irons to get the ball in the air. But wait, there is more! As I mentioned Club Champion uses the SAM PuttLab to fit you into the proper putter. After hitting 7 putts, which is enough to result is consistent data, you will be presented with more statistics that your fitter will review with you. From the results he can tell if your current putter is a gem, or recommend one that will better suit your stroke. Here are my results… You may be able to tell from the data above that at the time I was being fit, my putter face was open at impact, which caused all my putts to slide left of the hole. However, as you can see from the data provided below, the type of...

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