Month: May 2013

Review | NexBelt – The Belt With No Holes

I have what some might refer to as an obsession with belts. I can never seem to find a belt that is what I now would say is “JaysGolf Approved” (yes, that is turning into a thing). In my lifetime I can only remember three belts with which I have had no problems. Many times I find myself in-between holes, or they are of poor quality and after one summer season, warp out of shape. Of the three belts that I love; one is a brown leather belt from Aberchrombie & Fitch that has lasted 14 years to date, second is a high end black leather dress belt from Jos. A. Bank Clothiers which I use when I “suit up”, and lastly, a black leather belt with a fabric lining from Lands’ End that was labeled a “Golfer’s Belt”. None of these are available any longer. Thus, I am always on the hunt for my next favorite belt. My hope is that the belt I bring you today might become that elusive fourth favorite. This is a belt from NexBelt, and as their tag line states, it’s “the belt with no holes”. My first thought was “this might solve one of my problems!” It is what is known as a ratcheting belt, where it has no holes and cinches to 1/4″ increments. Theoretically, you will never find yourself in-between...

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TaylorMade R1 Adjustment

This entry is not so much about the adjustability of the R1 driver from TaylorMade as it is my adjustability to the new R1 driver. I have been using the TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 driver for some time now with great success. I came within a tap-in of a hole in one with the Burner 2.0. You can guess that it will take an amazing new driver to get me to switch. I went to the TaylorMade Launch Event at my local Golf Galaxy on February 3rd to check out their new offerings. The numbers that the R1 was yielding compared to my Burner 2.0 were enough to convince me to actually purchase the R1 that night. Fast forward to April after things in my area began to thaw to the point I could hit the R1 on the range, and it was as though golf gremlins swapped the R1 I bought in February with a counterfeit from China! It sounded awful when I struck the ball, the ball felt like a rock coming off the face, I literally was hitting my 6 iron farther than this new R1! I then took three shots with each of my two drivers, three with the Burner 2.0 and three with the R1. Without fail, I would leak the R1 left and it would come up at least 40 yards short of...

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