Month: August 2013

Kikkor Golf Men’s Tour Pro – Black Court Golf Shoe Review

I want to present a review of the Kikkor Golf Men’s Tour Pro, Black Court Golf Shoe to you in this blog. For some reason I have found it difficult to formulate this write up in a way that pleases me. That may sound like an odd second sentence when writing a golf shoe review, I know it was odd to write it. I mean, it is just a golf shoe after all. Well, I like to try to find some sort of deeper, more personally introspective, twist on anything I write about here on I do this not only for myself, but in hopes that you, my reader, might think about what I am writing about in a new or unique way. If I am able to do that, I find pleasure and satisfaction. So, back to the shoe from Kikkor. I do not know how introspective the shoe pictured above is, but I can say that I was in such a mind state while wearing them for the first time in the picture posted below… At the time of this picture I was awaiting the beginning of what was only the third round of 2013 and it was July. One of the reasons I purchased these shoes was in a quest for comfort. This is in no way an excuse, but for the majority of 2013...

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The Ball

That is what they call it, “The Ball”… Just The Ball, you can purchase it at As described on their website; “The only three piece cast urethane Golf Ball with tungsten core technology on the market. “The Ball” combines the makeup of a high-performance ball with the core of a distance ball.” I urge you to visit their site to learn more as well as read more testimonials in addition to the one I am about to share with you. As you can see, the ball makes for some unique photographic opportunities, but how does it perform? I have been playing golf for quite some time, thus, have seen the technology, and claims of golf balls grow exponentially. I have a draft that is nearing two years old now where I attempted to compare four name brand golf balls. It is still a draft because I quickly discovered that what began as a blog post quickly began to have the potential to be a graduate school dissertation! What is more, as with most “technology” and products these days, I realized that the actual balls I intended to compare would be replaced within the fiscal year. I make exception here because this ball was touted by a couple people I follow and have connected with on Twitter who made me want to give this ball a try. Those gentlemen...

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