No. This is something that I do not believe exists. I have not posted in a few weeks here on due to a few reasons. The reason that is most relative to a golf-oriented website is that I cannot play. I injured my lower back a few months ago and for the last four weeks I have been in Physical Therapy. As I write this I have four weeks remaining (at least that is the amount of time my health insurance will continue to cover). Thankfully my back injury was only musculature, which is a wonderful thing considering my addiction, golf. Last I checked a healthy back/spine is very helpful to those with this addiction.

As I went through the process of seeing various doctors and getting referrals etc., they all suggested an epidural, “The Quick Fix”. Without getting too technical, for those with Cerebral Palsy, there are no “quick fixes”. Living with CP requires work. There are no easy days, there are, however, “easier” days. This applies when I am not in pain or injured, let alone those days when I am in pain. I am naturally skeptical of anything that might be promoted as an easy or fast cure-all.

There is a reason I am told my my loved ones that I am “not a good patient”. When an additional physical issue is upon me I tend to bitch, moan, and complain, as they say (I am working on that mind you). Back to my point, pun intended. I wanted to explore alternatives to “The Needle” and the final specialist I saw agreed there was no harm in trying Physical Therapy prior to what we both agreed should be viewed as a last resort. I will admit here that I felt physical therapy would not only help my back, but might also improve my golf game as well as my overall mobility through increased strength and balance.

Even though I may bitch, moan, and complain, I do have a strong work ethic. This is especially true with physical goals. In fact, my therapist has to rein me in at times because I overexert myself. He has to constantly remind me that my goal is rehabilitation, not the “gym mentality” of strength, power, and size. In my case, my goal is pain alleviation, stability, and long term lower back health. These goals will take time, patience, and work. Heck, my therapist wouldn’t allow me to touch anything but a putter for the first three weeks and just last week allowed me to hit a small bucket with a 9 iron only! Needless to say I was chompin’ at the bit to swing any club, so I was satiated my that allowance.

Good news, I have avoided the needle. Though this will and is taking longer, hard work wins again! Bad news, this is taking longer! I am getting the itch, I want to play! I just have to breathe deeply and remind myself this will pay off in the long run, and may even make me a better player by the time my rehab is complete.

Leaderboard Golf recently interviewed me (which was extremely flattering, I recommend you visit!) and one answer I provided comes to mind as I am doing all this work to rehabilitate my back injury. This is very similar to my first summer playing golf when my grandfather would not let me play anything but Chip & Putt. He was building my foundation in a way that disguised work as fun. (Click here for that full interview) What I am doing now is not exactly fun, but I am now mature enough to understand its necessity and realize I am only going to benefit from the experience. You, my readers, will eventually benefit as well as I will share my new knowledge with you as we go forward!

I am again reminded that nothing replaces hard work and practice. Part of why I am here on the web is to help prove that to you! I will continue to tell you, “The golfer makes the equipment, the equipment does not make the golfer!” These new crop of adjustable drivers and woods being promoted as a “Quick Fix” concerns me as mid to high handicap golfers might be sold on the notion, as Callaway puts it, “Don’t change your Swing, Change your Driver”. This goes against everything “Back Yard Golf” stands for!.. I will save that rant for another post… For now I just wanted to let you know where I have been, what I have been working on, and an overdue shoutout and Thank You to