I hit he golf range again for the second week in a row. I still have a long way to go, as you’ll see in the video below. As you will also see in the video, I am now finally able to lift my right hand/arm above my head. I do not think it is coincidence that after I hit a bucket of balls last week my progress seems to have taken a rather large leap forward.

As I commented last week as to how I have to “pull” my right hand/arm back, that is still the case, however, last week and this week, the follow through (though abbreviated) is all my right arm. Today, before my therapist beat me up, I preformed my usual range of motion test and was able to lift my right arm up from my side all the way up into the air above my head. It required considerable effort, but I was able to do it finally! I really do think it was from hitting golf balls two weeks in a row.

I have said it before, “golf is my therapy”. I think it is now more so than ever before!

I really do not have much else to write about. Such as product-oriented reviews and thoughts, things that are “JaysGolfApproved”, etc. As it is I am still only bringing my 52 degree wedge, my 7 iron, and my TaylorMade Raylor hybrid to the range. That probably will remain the case for some time. But, that’s OK I think. I think its more important that you see me struggling, not giving up trying to regain the ability to do something I have been proficient at for the majority of my life.

I use the term “Breaking Pins” to describe hitting approach and chip shots close to the hole, ie. hitting the pin. In the video below, you will see me struggle. I hit a ball off the heal of my hybrid and and the ball slaughtered many worms on its way to smacking into a pin about 60 yards out! But, at least I’m back to breaking pins! Oh! And I also caught a fish!