Recently on Twitter a conversation was had on what makes a “good golfer”. Today I had one of those rounds where I felt like my score did not reflect my play. Most noteably, the fact that I came within inches of my first hole in one! However, that hole was the only one-putt I had all day. I ended up with a 52 through nine. By all conventional accounts, not a “good” round on paper. It seemed like every great shot was followed by 2 Poor shots. But those great shots, they were just that, great, not just good or average. As mentioned in a previous post, if I can hit that “great” shot once, I can do it again.

As I walked up to the tee of the 170 yard par 3 seventh hole at Warminster Five Ponds Golf Club, I had a plan. I think that is what makes a “good” golfer, having a plan and being able to carry it out just as planned. As opposed to a player that lines up a shot and “hopes” the end result is positive. I have walked up to this tee box numerous times over the last 17 years and with my new TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0, which I can carry 170 yards, my plan was to hit the pin! Side note: I am finding that the TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 is the most accurate driver I have ever hit. As part of my plan, I teed the ball up slightly higher with the intention of catching it ever so slightly on the upswing so as to get a nice high, soft landing trajectory, and here is the result.

Yes, I came that close to executing my plan in the most perfect of ways, a Hole in One! Instead, I had to settle for a two, heat breaking, I know. (At least I made the putt, imagine missing that?!)

Here is a shot looking back at the tee, I would have taken a picture from the tee box, but I was too excited (and I doubt you would be able to see the ball with just an iPhone Pic from 170 yards).

So, am I a “good” golfer? I guess the debate will rage on (wait until I blog about my newly acquired Handicap index). But if I can pull off what you see above with a Driver, I dare say I’m not a “bad” golfer!