Yes, what a wonderful feeling!

People think I’m odd when I tell them I love playing in the rain. Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about pouring rain, like what we saw during the third round of The Open, that’s nearly impossible. But a misty or light drizzle is perfect. First of all you don’t need sunblock, its cool, and typically, you have the course to yourself. However what attracts me to these “dreary” days is how it effects my game.

When its raining I am distracted in a good way. Instead of over thinking my setup, swing, and swing thoughts, my only swing thought is to get club on the ball and get back in the cart! The weather forces my swing to be automatic by default!

Another benefit is how the rain makes the course play. For instance, if you are looking at a 60 yard approach to a pin in the back of the green you can be much more aggressive to the pin. The greens are usually very slow so you need not fear landing pin high and rolling off the back of the green. The same applies to putting. You can be, in fact, you have to be more aggressive to the cup and can usually disregard the read to a greater extent than if the green was dry.

Who doesn’t love watching that “rooster tail” come off the ball as it rolls 30 feet into the bottom of a half full cup!