It has been just short of three months to the day since I was featured on The Golf Channel’s show, “The Golf Fix, with Micheal Breed” on February 2, 2011. Well, I have finally seen it and am able to share it with all of you! As excited as I am to have the footage in my possession, I am just as (if not possibly more) excited to share with you the story of how the DVD came to be in my possession.

The story is one that reflects what everyone claims is an intrinsic part of the game of Golf, and of those who play it; Integrity. This seems to be proven almost weekly by the players on tour, such as Webb Simpson’s act of sportsmanship calling penalty on himself at the Zurich Classic in New Orleans which may have cost him victory. If you add a dash of humor, irony and 98 cents to that “integrity”, you have this blog entry!

One Saturday night I was on Twitter conversing with some of my followers and the subject of this episode of The Golf Fix came up. More specifically that I was the only one among those I was conversing with who had NOT seen it! So you can guess there was some good natured ribbing going on at my expense!

A more recent follower who was in on the discussion was Brad Schott. He too had seen me on the show the day it aired and felt bad that I had not seen it and my requests to the Golf Channel had gone unanswered. So Brad tells me that he Direct Messaged Frank Nobilo via twitter to ask for his help in the matter. Less than two weeks later I receive this…

I can’t think of anything that speaks to the integrity of Golf, and those who play it than the method by which I finally received this DVD. Here is a gentleman who I have never met, Brad, who goes out of his way to help me, a guy he has never met, by contacting someone he thought could help me. That someone is Frank Nobilo, former PGA Tour player and current on-air talent for The Golf Channel. Frank told Brad he’d see what he could do… Turns out Frank can do a lot!

I asked Brad why and how and he replied, “It was the right thing to do, if I were on (The Golf Channel) and missed it, I’d want someone to help out if possible. I told you I would try and my word is my bond. Integrity.” And Frank later said after I thanked him once I received the package, “Jay you have some good friends. I didn’t want to let them down.” Here is a man that is traveling all over the world, doesn’t know me from Adam, so to speak, and takes the time to find and send me this DVD?…

This is why I love this game. Because of stories such as this. It is also why I will continue to do what I am doing here on, to inspire those to be better at the game, and at life. Both are a journey and if you do not stay on the right path you will be worse off for it.

A sincere Thank You once again to Brad, Frank, and all those responsible for getting me this footage! And I owe you 98 cents Mr. Nobilo! 🙂