It has been a very eventful year for It is rather difficult to pick out just a few highlights. It also could make for a long read as well, but I promise at the end there will be a slide show of supermodels handling golf equipment. However, it will only appear if you read the whole article! OK, now that you just scrolled all the way down to see, I will continue…

Definitely my most favorite part of 2011, as well as a rather large turning point, was when I was featured on The Golf Channel’s “The Golf Fix with Michael Breed”. I was inspired to send in my video after seeing Mr. Breed working with disabled veterans on his Patriots Day Golf special in the fall of 2010. was not yet live, so there was no “self promotion” intended. My goal was to help enforce Mr. Breed’s message that golf is a sport that everyone can enjoy if you just make the effort.

The episode that I appeared on aired in Feburary and I missed it! A subscriber of my YouTube channel alerted me, but by then it was too late, I never was able to see it! A few months later I was introduced to the power of Social Networks, in this case, Twitter. Through the kindness and efforts of a few people I had never met led to my receiving a copy of the episode on disk and a personal note from Frank Nobilo! I invite you to read the full story and see the video HERE. Well, that just put me over the moon and made me even more excited to share myself via I still owe @GolfSchott and @FrankNoliloGC a round or 2!

In the meantime, I traveled down to Florida in March with a great friend of mine who may be the most skilled golfer I have had the pleasure of playing with. He set me up with a lesson with PGA professional Mike Richards at the Parkland Golf & Country Club. What an awesome thing to experience and blog about. Mike also was named 2011 Teacher of the Year -Southern Chapter of the South Florida PGA, so huge congratulations to you Mr. Richards! Having spent an hour under his tutelage, I am not at all surprised.

After that lesson and running a golf related web site I knew I would have to play more often than ever. I know, go ahead, twist my arm! I did something I never imagined doing which was to register for an official handicap (the one I was born with apparently didn’t count, I still had to fork over $30!) Again, in the interest of research and gaining more creditability for myself and Humm… I don’t think I ever told you what my index was did I?

I had a golf club fitting performed. That not only helped me understand my game and made for a great article, but helped me educate myself so that I might better discuss and recommend the process for my audience.

The past year contained the highest of the high to the lowest of the low. The highest would have to be my near hole in one with my new TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 driver.

The only thing that could have made that better was an extra 8 inches (insert joke here!)

I also shared the raw truth that I only drive the ball around 200 yards, and freely admit when I score a 9. On the other hand, I share all my birdies and pars, my triumphs. Those are the ones I want you to remember, but never forget to remember the 9’s either. Same is true for you, my reader. Always remember your successes but never forget your mistakes. You can be a legend in your own mind! Always look to exceed your own expectation, not that of others, and certainly not of those you see on TV.

I traveled again with my golf clubs, this time to the Outter Banks of North Carolina. Unfortunately due to hurricane damage, many courses were closed. I was able to get out for one round while on vacation. It made me realize that I need to travel a bit more and play different courses in the new year.

The lowest being the passing of a gentleman who greatly influenced not only my golf career, but my life as well. I later learned that after helping and playing golf with me when I needed him, he played golf weekly after I went on to college and beyond until he passed. I’d like to think I played a part in reuniting him with golf. I will sill be banking on that extra gust of wind next time I am within 8 inches of a hole in one Mr Duffy!

Finally (I know you’re just waiting on the supermodel slideshow), I made a promise that I would play into November so I could continue to blog about my rounds and review equipment. With the help of mother nature, the final round of 2011 I played was in December! The best part on that day was the light shined upon me by the golf gods. I was playing terribly through the first 4, and who should appear as I stood on the 5th tee? My high school golf coach! The remainder of that round was one of my favorite of 2011.

Now looks to the future. In 2012 we plan to give a new look and provide more service oriented content. I hope to continue to build relationships as well as partnerships, but most of all I want to continue to entertain and inspire you. That is what makes me most happy and that is why exists.

Have a wonderful and healthy 2012!!!

Oh, the slide show… you scrolled down… so sorry 🙂