Some may say I have a good excuse for still having my golf clubs in storage in late May. Some may also say I have a good excuse for having in “virtual storage” until now. I am sure you can guess I intend to argue the contrary. However, I like doing that regardless of the argument, usually. I will present both sides, and in the process, enlighten you to the reasons for putting on the shelf.

I derive most of my inspiration for any given blog while I am playing golf. I hope that impression comes across in most of the blogs you have read. I think that is because when I play I almost always encounter a situation that yields introspection. One reason I think golf is great for youngsters, but I’ll explore that in a future blog. This is supposed to be about ME!

So, getting back to me, I am far less enthused about any activity if I cannot preform said activity. In the case of golf, I have been unable to play for six months for two reasons. This winter my area received over 60 inches of snow, and the first week of April I injured my Brachial Plexus which caused my entire right arm to no longer function.

Those are the two reasons there has been no golf in my life this year. To a large degree I can forgive the first reason. I was swinging a snow shovel instead of a golf club through the end of March! In that time I had accumulated various products I intended to write about. Have new shoes from Kikkor Golf, a few new clubs, and I had some ideas of new video content to bring you with the GoPro Hero3 Black Ed. camera I bought on sale before Christmas.

Once the weather finally broke in the beginning of April, I was excited to get my swing back and begin my yearly ‘warmup routine’ of hitting wedge, 7-iron, and 3-wood on the astroturf for a few weeks before starting to film and write. As I have written in the past, Masters Week tends to be the official start of “the Itch” as well. The Itch was in full effect that first day on the astroturf. Anyone who follows me on Instagram or Twitter can attest to that as their feeds were flooded with pictures of golf-centric content, instead of my Jeep and snow! Then, I disappeared. The “Mornin'” greeting to my Twitter followers stopped. Almost all Social Media interaction from JaysGolf ceased. The reason being the very next day after I had hit the range, I injured my neck. The pain was so severe I was bedridden for 10 days, additionally, I lost function of my right arm. Silver lining: I watched all 4 rounds of The Masters on 4 screens from my bed.

That injury caused me to retract from the world. It took 5 weeks and 5 doctors before I even found out why my right arm ceased to function. My life was essentially comprised of visits to different doctors, up until the last, taking guesses as to why my right arm was hanging off my torso life a dead fish. Frustration (and fear) was building rather steadily during those 5 weeks. Needless to say, I had no interest in being the “Jay” you know and adore! I also did not feel like having the discourse; “‘My right arm doesn’t work…’. ‘What do you mean your right arm doesn’t work’? ‘I don’t know why it doesn’t work’. ‘What do you mean you don’t know why it doesn’t work?!'”. I wanted answers before dealing with that repeatedly.

I can forget at times why people follow me, watch my videos, enjoy my photography, and read my blogs. I feel like I need to be “positive” all the time (with the occasional bitch and moan). To that end I felt like the events I just described were a poor excuse for not writing or at least recording a vlog. I think I was a bit misguided in that thought process. I am human after all.

I was reminded by the neurologist who properly diagnosed me, I am not a Cerebral Palsy patient, I’m a patient who happens to have Cerebral Palsy. He added that my injury is one that can happen to any athlete. The issue I had is I did not accept that. I understood it, accepting that I am the athlete who’s now damaged was the difficult part for me.

Retuning to the notion if I cannot preform, I have no business speaking or writing. I say, “If I can do it, so can you!”. Well, that statement can trap me a bit, can’t it?… What is to become of “JaysGolf” if I can no longer golf? I have spent nearly 4 years now building this brand known as “JaysGolf”. I’d like to think the logo atop this page as well as my cartoon head on the yellow background that prevails most of the JaysGolf Social Media has become somewhat iconic. What happens to all that if all I am able to play is Chip & Putt?

Now that I know what I injured and am in physical therapy, I feel I owe it to those of you who put up with all my Jeep photos to again share the tough parts of the JaysGolf experience as it relates to getting back to actually playing golf!