Aaah, The Masters! To me Masters week and The Masters Tournament always signifies both the beginning of spring and of the unofficial “golf season” for us hackers. Although I prefer the term “Strategic Misser” over “hacker”! But we can revisit that another time.

After watching Phil Mickelson play at his finest in over a year to win the Shell Houston Open, I wanted to write about what I had seen. However I did not want to loose the spirit and content of what was originally intended for Jay’s Blog. I do not want to be another blogger who writes “the news” about the Tours, not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just not what I set out to do here on I want to share my story with you. After some thought (and consult with my fellow hacker, Scott) I realized I’d be adding content and value to by sharing my opinions about the Tours, as that is part of my story as well. (Hopefully, that is!)

I have thus added 4 new Categories: Tour News, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and Champions Tour. So if you want to know what I have on my mind about any of the Tours, start clicking!

In the spirit of Masters week, I went to the range on Monday. It was as though Mother Nature knew The Masters was days away as she blessed the Philadelphia suburbs with a 75 degree day. This trip to the range not only officially started off my golf season, but it also was my first chance to test and put to practice all the advise I had gotten from Mike Richards at the Parkland Golf & Country Club when I had my lesson down in Florida. I never have taken video to share this early in the season as I am rusty as a nail on the Titanic at this time of the year. But I suppose when you put your life in a blog, there is no room for getting embarrassed. So, here is the video, enjoy!

The Club I am using is the TaylorMade Raylor 22 degree hybrid utility golf club. When I had my lesson with Mike, he had me hit this club while trying to get my hands higher at the top of the backswing. I loved it, so I bought one!