JaysGolf.com is a member of the ITechConnect “family” of web sites who’s content concentrates on all things relating to the game of golf. At JaysGolf.com we go way beyond the average “deal site” for golf equipment. Yes, we provide a listing of the best golf deals around, but we also want JaysGolf.com to be a source of information and inspiration. From the latest reviews and information on equipment and courses, to forums and blogs ranging in content from basic tips and instruction, to what you like to eat at the turn! We all love an overcooked dog and a Gatorade at the turn!

I invite any golfer, at any level, to think of JaysGolf.com as not only a place to come to find the hottest deals on golf equipment, but also their “virtual clubhouse” on the net! I want you to feel the same comfort spending time on JaysGolf.com as you do lounging at your own clubhouse. Feel free to share your stories, experiences, triumphs, and pitfalls with me and the rest of the JaysGolf.com community.

Still want more detail about me and why I think I have things to offer that you can’t get on any other site? Stay tuned!