Because I forgot to do so today. Today I went out to the range for the first time since I injured my back, and as per my therapist’s orders I only bought a small bucket…

I forgot the advice that I always preach, which is to “have fun”. I was annoyed that $6 bought me about 17 balls. I think that I was more annoyed at the reason why I was only allowed to hit 17 balls. I was concentrating too much on the “woe is me” factor, than that of the simple fact that I was/am able to hit balls at all! That’s right, there was some self-pity creeping in to play here. Yes, shocking, I know! I was also working on getting my hands higher at the top to produce a steeper downswing and ultimately make the bottom of the swing arc occur about 1 inch beyond where the ball rests. I know what I am about to say will sound absurd, but here it goes… I was not able to do that on the first ten balls or so.

I have this notion that I should be able to “just do it” (wonder where that came from). When it does not happen I can get upset, angry, pitiful. All of which defy what I try to remind others, that golf is meant to be FUN! What my improper emotions caused me not to realize was that all ten of those shots landed in the area the size of a modest hot tub! With spin! So, OK, maybe I wasn’t taking a PGA divot but I was making solid contact, all ball, and not a single shank, duck hook, or worm burner. I have not played on grass since December for cryin’ out loud!

I honestly did not get out of my funk until I saw a tweet from @KyleLograsso, Kyle is a 9 year old who has survived cancer. His tweet was “Waiting to get my new improved eye. Cancer took it but God gave me so much more!!!” Kyle is an avid golfer, who’s a fellow lefty and rocks Philadelphia Phillies gear. So he’s OK in my book! I admit my self-pity quickly turned into a bit of self-loathing for having the above stated feelings, but then very quickly turned into proper perspective. I do not know how long I will be able to play golf, and play well, but I do know that I can not waste any time I have left with the feelings anger, self-doubt, and least of all, self-pity! I have forgotten that golf is my therapy, both mental and physical. I need it.

Thank you Kyle for reminding me.

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