I was featured on The Golf Fix, Episode 90, which aired on February 7th, 2011.  The show covered one of the videos I sent in to Mr. Breed, and the following is the transcript.

As of right now, this is all I have. I missed Monday’s episode and I cannot find a copy of the show online yet. I was given no “heads up” that the 7th was the day I’d be on, and I was otherwise occupied. So, I haven’t even seen it yet! Needless to say, it’s driving me nuts! If for no other reason than wanting to see Michael’s critique/advise! Well, until I can get the footage, here is the transcript:

00:05:16 Viewer videos, one of my favorite parts of the show.

00:05:19 This is the chance to directly assist you.

00:05:22 I want to show you this video.

00:05:24 This video here, this comes from James Downey.

00:05:28 James Downey has cerebral palsy.

00:05:34 Let’s go ahead and let this run.

00:05:38 I commend james for sending this — I want to read this to you.

00:05:42 I thought it was very touching.

00:05:43 He said I put myself out there in the attempt to make people realize if I can do it, so can you.

00:05:50 And he says, he talks about convention and all that stuff.

00:05:56 Let’s look at the line swing.

00:05:58 What he is doing with his swing here.

00:06:01 And here is the down the line look.

00:06:05 I mean, the rhythm is fantastic.

00:06:07 The fact that he is out there doing that is brilliant and James, I just want to give you one thought.

00:06:13 Let’s pull up the set-up position, just freeze it for me for a moment if you would.

00:06:20 His tone line is going down this way and the shoulders are going off to the length of time-hand side here.

00:06:29 Left hand side here.

00:06:31 The club, come on over here.

00:06:34 I’ll show you this real quickly.

00:06:37 What happens when you have that position, james, and I’ll do this left-handed.

00:06:41 This is going to take the club and wrap it around you.

00:06:44 That’s why your swing is so flat.

00:06:47 What I want you to do when you get set up is try feel like your right shoulder is a little bit lower.

00:06:53 When it is a little bit lower at the start, now the arm is going to disappear.

00:06:57 So if I can get a camera two here, so when I go like this, you can see how much of my right arm you can see there.

00:07:06 When I lower my rig shoulder, that disappears and that is going invite the club to go up into the air and what eventually is going to happen is he is going to get out

of that flat swing.

00:07:17 Thanks so much for sending that in.

00:07:20 We really appreciate it.

00:07:21 I know there is a lot of people out there that you’re encouraging, which is what we’re hoping to do.