I had a conversation with a good friend of mine a bit ago and we were waxing philosophic as we tend to do, and he brought the subject up of career, or life choice. Something that sticks out to me, he said, and I paraphrase a bit, “ask your parents what you were most skilled at, or were best at when you were a kid.” With the notion that their answer is probably what you would excel at both in your career and life if you can turn said skill into revenue.

I had occasion to think about that today and my answer is “Telling stories”, though I have yet to ask my parents, I’m fairly confident that would be their answer. However, I will ask and get back to you…

Point is I was always a “story teller” as a kid, mostly to make up for my physical disability, or short comings, depending on your perspective. Thus, being young, not having much “life experience”, the stories would most often be fiction. I realized that that not only stopped being entertaining, but developed into a “cry wolf” sort of situation, which became troubling. So, as I began a new life, so to speak, in high school, I made a promise to myself to actually DO the things that I would tell stories about. I had the story telling skill, the difference was adding integrity and honesty. I have since found that not only have I removed the “cry wolf” aspect entirely, but my stories tend to be MORE entertaining than those I would have otherwise “made up”. By the end of high school and on to college, I found myself in honors-level writing courses. Seems my skill translated onto paper fairly well. What do you think?

I have kept that promise to this day, at least to the best of my ability, I am human, to err is thus. Maybe that’s why I gravitated to golf, aside from the fact I was good at it, everything about golf leads you to a fair, balanced, and honest mindset (or it should). What’s more golf, specifically, JaysGolf.com, has enabled me to revisit the two things I am best at, golf and story telling. Probably not in that order however.

I feel like I needed to just “publish” what was in my head tonight or I’d be unable to sleep. Hope you don’t mind.

I’m attending the Philadelphia Golf Show tomorrow and currently have a lower back issue that will prohibit me from testing or demo’ing (is that a word?) any equipment, well, clubs at least. I wanted to shoot some video for you, my readers/watchers, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to do that. I will try to take a ton of pictures and tell you the umm.. story… of my experience at the show in a future blog.

Again, I am not exactly sure my precise point with this blog entry. Validation maybe? I don’t know, feels like a somewhat well structured mind dump, which I have never really done on JayGolf before. I will copy this in the forums section and if you want to comment or start a discussion, just sign up for an account and let me know what you think.

Thanks to all my readers and friends, none of us say that enough,…