I pose that statement because I had asked my group if they felt on the next par 3 if we should let the group behind us play through. The gentleman in my group retorted, “Naw, there’s guys behind them!” Thus we just continued our round as normal. Later, while we were eating, that same gentleman made mention of the fact that there were only 2 of them and 4 of us, and thats why they were breathing down our necks. At the time I had not considered that fact, instead had the fascination I was at fault.

Why? Because I tend to blame myself for “slow play”. Today, for instance, I shot 65 for 9 holes. Lost 8 balls, 4 in plain sight! So as I am looking for these balls, its taking the full 5 minutes of allotted time, and I still have to take a drop. As all this time is ticking away, I can see the group behind us standing on the tee. I then begin to rush myself with the thought that I am inconveniencing these people, who I don’t even know. I then rush my routine, loose my focus and then flub, or chuck the shot! This then seems to become self perpetuating. Before I realize it, i’m holing out a legit 8!

So who is getting hurt here? As I sit here writing this I’m quickly reaching the conclusion it’s only me! My preshot routine that I use prior to every shot since high school, taught by Coach Schmalbac, just goes the way of the Dodo bird. All it get me is a 65 through 9 holes! That unacceptable! At least due to the aforementioned reasons.

I use the word “Fascination” because it is all in my head. Why am I allowing these thoughts ruin my play? I paid my greens fees, just like everyone else. If they creep up on us at a Tee, well, so be it; then they can tee off with us and play though. What is probably an even more important fact is what then gentleman I was playing with pointed out during dinner. They are bound to be faster since they are only a group of 2. I tend to get so concerned that my physical disabilities will lead to the encroaching groups annoyance and fear that they will think I have no right to be on the course, that I make these nonsensical fears come to fruition.

Truth is, if I can stop thinking that way, and play my game the way I know I am capable, there will be no more 65 through 9’s! I was so darn concerned with my speed, I straddled this instead of taking the time to remove and replace it. I did land a 6 iron on the green though!…