I am working on not one, but two handicaps. How many can say that?! The first, the one I’m best at, Cerebral Palsy, I have been working on for 33 years. So as you might expect I am a professional by now! The second, my golf handicap, that is very new to me. The other day was in fact the first round that counted toward establishing my handicap. It was the first round that I have had those “competitive butterflies” since I played competitively in high school. I came in with 110 for 18, a bit high for my liking. If the thought, “this round counts” was not enough to rattle me, I also was faced with 18 holes of this…download film John Wick: Chapter 2 2017 now

Standing Water on every hole! Naturally it was “Cart Path Only”, so I knew I’d be walking a good deal. I never have used my disability as an excuse for my play if it happened to be poor that particular day. In my mind, I feel as though I should be able to keep up (within reason) with any “amateur” out there. Like it or not, it is a fact that I just do not have the ability to walk a course. At times, the “Cart Path Only” rule can lead to as much, if not more walking than if you were to walk the course without a cart. Thus a long par 5 like the one below along with the other 17 holes were that much more daunting…

Again I try not to blame my disability for anything as it relates to my golf game. I fear that I must admit that by about the 12th, all the walking began catching up with me and I could feel the fatigue effecting my game. Even the necessities of a solid 18 were of no help!

I know I can do better than 110 for 18! and I will do better than 110! I have 4 more rounds to go before my index is calculated, and the course will dry out in that time. I know all the particulars of my home course and once things dry out and I am able to drive to each shot I am confident I will be breaking 100!

As I write this I am sore in places I forgot existed! With time that will also improve, or at least I certainly hope so!

This picture sums up my day rather well! Note the circle highlighting the flag peeking out. This one is for you Seve!