I am getting a proper club fitting on February 28th and I quickly realized I need to step my game up in the gym. The last thing I want is to go to a club fitting and not have my best swing at my disposal, thus risk an improper fit.

So, as we approach my big day, I will walk you through my preparations via blog, vlogs, and pictures. And once the big day arrives I will write a full article on the process from beginning to end on the Club Fitting page. I had hoped to add some video to accompany the article but alas, Golf Galaxy will not allow it (at least thus far…)
On to the 50/50 workout! Here is what you will need: a glove (for grip, if necessary), a weight doughnut, (here is where you can get one), and a 3 wood.

I prefer the 3 wood for its shaft length. That, accompanied by the added weight on the end provided by the doughnut, is the best choice to stretch and strengthen the muscles that we use to maximize swing speed.

This is very simple and was inspired by something I heard Hank Haney tell Rush Limbaugh to do on “The Haney Project Rush Limbaugh”. Mr. Haney told him to swing the club (I don’t know which) 100 times every day. That gave me the idea for the 50/50 work out. I’m sure you can guess what it is by now, can’t ya? No? OK, I’ll tell ya!

First, warm up and stretch as you normally would. Always do this no matter what you are about to do with a club! I will usually start with the Body Bar warm up to loosen my core and legs. After you are loose, I want you to swing with the doughnut on your club 50 times. A nice full easy, yet powerful swing and hold your follow through. Then take 50 swings without the doughnut. You will be amazed at how light and fast that 3-wood will feel! If you are just starting out, or you are extra tight from the time off from golf (those of us along the north east corridor!) Just start with 25/25 and work your way up. If you can surpass 50 of each, by all means do so. This is a simple drill that is adaptable to any strength or skill level.

I have done 50/50 the last three nights in a row along with my normal strength training and I am one sore puppy!