Over the last week I had a couple conversations about how difficult it is to play golf, and to play well. I discussed in a prior blog post “Golf Quick Fix – Does It Exist?”, golf takes work and dedication (you can scroll down to the final paragraph where I finally reach my point).

So let me reach my point much more quickly in this, part two. Those of you who see the pro’s on the PGA, LPGA, Champions Tour, or Nationwide Tour and think, or even go so far as to speak aloud, “Oh! look how easy that looks, I could do that…” Let me ask you, have you tried it? Were you successful? If you were successful, were you able to execute the same shot, the same way more that two times in succession? No???! Observe my Shocked Face…

Let me put golf into simple perspective, which may also cause you to question my sanity, alas here it goes. In the game of golf you are attempting to hit a tiny ball with a long, thin stick which has a small crooked end on it, in such an exact way as to make this tiny ball travel on an aim line that is perpendicular to the way you are standing at the time. You are also swinging said thin stick 80 to 110 miles per hour, I feel that adds to the overall difficulty level. After you have wrapped your brain around this idea, I’ll wait, OK, ready? Yes, there is more! The final objective is to get this tiny ball into a hole that is roughly twice its size that is anywhere from 150 to 600 yards away from where you stand with your long, thin stick! Now you can hit this tiny ball as many times as necessary to get it in that hole, but guess what? There is a limit to the number of times you can hit it to be considered a winner, and that number is rarely above 5 or 6.

I question my sanity after having just written that paragraph. However I hope that helps you to understand why this game takes work, years of practice. Proper practice. Here is the secret, the practice, that is the fun of golf! Is there anything that you have done in your life that only took a few weeks to master which you are truly proud? I didn’t think so! So get out there with your tiny stick and balls and play around!