This is a simple, fun way to practice putting if you happen to be practicing with one or more friends. It is H.O.R.S.E. for golf. Basically the rules are up to you and your buddies – “all’s fair in love and WAR!”, right?!

The way I play Putt Wars is usually to challenge my friend to putt from where I’m putting and whichever one of us drains it wins. The catch is, if neither person makes their putt, you continue from the same spot (forcing all participants to keep practicing what is probably a challenging putt over and over). If both/all make it, well, I suppose thats a draw. But there are no draws in Putt Wars! So you and your buddies better figure out some more rules!

What I’m describing is far from rocket science, but I know you’ll have fun saying “Putt Wars” aloud repeatedly on the putting green! Oh, I forgot to mention that you have to yell “Putt Wars!” as each new round begins?? Well, ya do! Haha!

The War is on!