The following are my favorite companies and products from 2012 that are, as I like to say, JaysGolf Approved! This article will highlight why the following companies and products are JaysGolf Approved, or, as in the first company’s case, “Jay Proof”!

That company is OtterBox.

They make protective cases for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.  I have my iPhone in one of their Defender Series cases. This case makes my iPhone “Jay Proof”!  I do not worry about drops and with the built-in screen protector, I do not need to fumble around trying to properly align a separate adhesive screen protector.  Thus, I love this case.   What impressed me this year was the understanding OtterBox has of the power of Social Media, in this case, Twitter. If you follow the OtterBox Twitter Account, you may have noticed they tweet people who made mention that their OtterBox Case was damaged, offering them a link to their warranty page. I was one of those people! I responded to their tweet and said as much as I appreciate their response, both my damaged cases were more than a year old and thus no longer covered by the warranty. Well, a few tweets, emails, and weeks later I had two replacement cases arrive at JaysGolf HQ! In this day where we consumers are just a “number”, this was so very refreshing to have a company act as an advocate instead of an adversary. My phone will always be in an OtterBox.

The next company is Club Champion Golf Fitters. Please take some time to read the in depth three-part article I wrote by Clicking Here.

At the risk of being redundant, my time spent at Club Champion was far more than a golf club fitting, it was an experience. Club Champion is a golfer’s dream world turned into reality. Club shafts line the walls, and you can mix and match any club head your heart desires. Of course there are professional club fitters on site to calm you down, offer you a paper bag to breathe into, and put together the best set of golf clubs you have ever owned by finding the best shaft and club head combination for you and your game.

They fully understand the awesome immersion the “weekend warrior” feels when first visiting their establishment and will gladly let you try any club you wish before offering their expertise.

Later in the year, I was sent a product to test called the HomeStriker . It is a golf training aid. The product is beautiful in its simplicity. A real golf ball with a parachute attached to it? Yes, a golf ball with a parachute attached to it! The parachute kills the ball once in flight, restricting the ball’s distance to no more than a maximum of 30 to 50 yards (depending on your swing speed and club selection). On a day with no wind, the ball’s flight will be true. It is a real ball, thus “contact” feels true and solid. One issue I have with golf  “training aids” is most tend to be gimmicks. I was taught to golf with a 7 iron and a wiffle ball. I feel the best training aids are the clubs in your bag… Now I can use my 7 iron and a “Real ball”! This product is no gimmick! Below is the video review I did for the HomeStriker.

HomeStriker Golf Ball Review and Test Video

Lastly, a product that I discovered in 2011, but have used every round since is the FroggToggs Chilly Pad. If you read my post titled Too Hot to Play Golf, you understand why this product will always be in my golf bag.

On a hot day, soak it in water and it will stay cool to the touch until the water evaporates. I can honestly say my life would be a void now if you were to take away my FroggTogg! It probably saved me from full on heat stroke that day.

I purchased my Chilly Pads at Golfsmith. As I found out (the hard way) It also preforms well on a damp, rainy days as well. It will soak up twice its weight in water. It is great for drying a golf cart seat in between shots!

I felt it necessary to highlight these four companies and their products because I love all four. All four have received the JaysGolf stamp of approval, and I have no doubt they will receive yours as well!