Pictured below are the Trajectory and Dispersion graphs for the shafts I tried. You can see quite easily how far better the Fit on Max 65 R2 preformed as compared to the others.

The following two graphs are the Trajectory and Dispersion of the club heads combined with the shaft. There is not much doubt as to the winner. The Mizuno MP 53 with its progressive cavity, diamond muscle-back, blade design turned out to be the perfect. It has the thin top line of a blade that is visually pleasing, while providing the help I need in the longer irons to get the ball in the air.

But wait, there is more! As I mentioned Club Champion uses the SAM PuttLab to fit you into the proper putter.

After hitting 7 putts, which is enough to result is consistent data, you will be presented with more statistics that your fitter will review with you. From the results he can tell if your current putter is a gem, or recommend one that will better suit your stroke. Here are my results…

You may be able to tell from the data above that at the time I was being fit, my putter face was open at impact, which caused all my putts to slide left of the hole. However, as you can see from the data provided below, the type of putter I was using has virtually the exact same spec’s as what SAM recommended. The “Fitting Results” section at the bottom are the spec’s of your ideal putter as determined by the SAM PuttLab. All I needed to do was to adjust the ball a bit forward in my stance and that allowed me to strike the ball with a square putter face at the apex of my putting arch.

It is very difficult to describe the Club Champion experience. I suppose that is why I refer to it as an “experience”, that is the best single word I can come up with to convey what it is like once you walk through Club Champion’s door.

Visit their website http://www.clubchampiongolf.com/contact or call their new Philadelphia location at 215-921-2054 to set up an appointment or to learn more about what services they can provide for you!

A special thanks to Steve Harrow, along with everyone at Club Champion for making my daydream a reality. Club Champion is most definitely JaysGolf Approved!