By now you may have noticed I really love golf, everything about it, but most of all playing, moreover, playing well. Striking that little white ball with surgical precision is euphoric to me. Just as a skilled surgeon needs the best and most precisely engineered tools to perform at their best, a skilled golfer will also perform at their best if given tools that are engineered exactly to their specifications. The professionals have club manufacturer sponsorships, and those manufacturers have very elaborate set-ups with which to fit those professionals with the equipment that is exactly tailored to their golf game and swing characteristics. I am going to guess most of you reading this do not fit into this aforementioned category. If you are a pro, feel free to visit my contact page! Otherwise, continue reading.

I had a retail fitting (which was more of an evaluation of my existing clubs) preformed a little over a year ago at my local Golf Galaxy. The vast difference between Club Champion and Golf Galaxy is honestly difficult for me to articulate with mere words because the experience for me was so moving. As I mentioned, it was my daydream come true. Such being the case, I shall provide many visual aids, along with some explanations, and you can judge the difference for yourself.

Immediately after walking through the doors of Club Champion you are immersed in Golf. However, it is not in the Golf Galaxy/Dick’s/Golfsmith large retail type of immersion. The atmosphere is more intimate and sophisticated than typical retail.

As you can see this not your typical sporting goods store. It very much mimics a country club. The real “awe” moment hits you when you pass through the lounge area into the room where they conduct the actual fitting.

This is where your jaw drops and your blood pressure raises with excitement as you see walls lined with shafts and heads of all kinds. I feel the example of Philadelphia’s Please Touch Museum I used in my first blog about Club Champion continues to be the best anology.

If the myriad of golf clubs and shafts wasn’t enough to peak your interest, take a look at the detail in these data readouts. If you ever wanted to pinpoint anything related to your golf swing, and how it relates to equipment, these charts will tell the story.

The three stat sheets pictured above are of the data from over 100 shots that I had taken as my fitter, Mr. Harrow, took me through a mind spinning amount of shaft and head combinations. Again, much of the beginning stages if your fitting depends upon the interview and Q&A session the fitters have with you. With that in mind, the foundation then becomes the proper shaft. Once they determine which shaft is best suited for your swing, next up is finding the best head combination. They like to say that once they find the proper shaft, “the rest is easy”. I will admit I was very surprised just how much of a difference finding the proper shaft made in my ability to gain distance while maintaining my accuracy. Once Mr. Harrow found the right head, the TrackMan spit out some numbers I had never been able to produce prior to that day.

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