Have you ever daydreamed about a golf store or shop where you could get a set of clubs fit to your exact swing and game just like the professionals you watch on the weekends? Maybe you have seen the Nike ads where they show the likes of Tiger Woods testing new irons at a location called “The Oven”, and thought, “Boy! That must be nice! Wish I had access to something like that!” Ever visited Golf Galaxy or Dick’s Sporting Goods and even with as much as they have to offer, still left the store wanting for that daydream? While they do offer fitting services, which I took advantage of last year, and there was value in doing so, it just seemed that daydream of “something more” would stay just that; a daydream.

Well, my fellow daydreamers, I bring tidings of great joy! At least to those of you in the Delaware Valley/Philadelphia area. Such a place does exist and has opened its doors in our area! No, I’m not kidding! Promise! Club Champion golf fitters, which is based in Chicago, has expanded and chosen Philadelphia as their first destination. They have settled in Bala Cynwyd, PA, which is easily accessible by all the States that border Southeastern Pennsylvania.

I was alerted of their arrival by a fellow golf blogger, Ryan Becker, who I had the pleasure of meeting in person a few months ago, as he too is based in the Delaware Valley. I recommend you visit his site, Healthy Obsession with Golf.

After doing a bit of research as to what services were available, I contacted Club Champion, I swear I could smell fresh paint drying through the phone as I scheduled an appointment! I was so excited I did not want to wait until after their grand opening to experience what sounded like my daydream come true! Additionally, I had “the itch”. I had just gotten the all clear from my physical therapist to swing every club in my bag and possibly more importantly, The Masters was the following weekend. Every avid golfer wants new toys this time of year! To my delight they were happy to oblige… So long as I did not mind the smell of fresh paint…

I will speak to my experience and what you can expect from the time you enter the door to when you are forced to leave in my next blog post. I say “forced” because Club Champion is more of a golf amusement park than a “store”, or if you are native to the Philadelphia area, it is the Please Touch Museum of golf equipment! Basically, they allow you to choose any club off the shelf (they have virtually every name brand and model that exists) and take it for a test drive. Trust me, this, combined with the technology of TrackMan and SAM PuttLab, you will not want to leave! There are few places that offer all this under a single roof, and now those in the Delaware Valley have Club Champion in their back yard. However, let me make it clear that they ask you what your “goals” are and what you hope to get out of your fitting and they take over from there. They are very skilled at what they do, but I will get into that later… Yes, I’m going to make you wait!

Stay tuned for my next post which will have much more detail about my fitting experience as well as photos and scans of all the technical readouts which they provide you, for the real golf geek!

For now, I would just like to welcome Club Champion Golf Fitters to the neighborhood!

If you are looking to fulfill your daydream of the ultimate golf club fitter, I encourage you to visit their website http://www.clubchampiongolf.com/contact or call their new Philadelphia location at 215-921-2054 to set up an appointment.

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