I normally do not care much for AstroTurf, or artificial turf, Driving Ranges. I suppose it is because it goes against the idea of “Practicing Like A Pro”. Today I actually had intended to try to get in at least 18, well, Life took priority. But I had the itch, and the natural grass range was closed by the time I had some free time, so I decided to head to the mats. Don’t get me wrong I was brought up on the mats, I still have love for them. They are easy, convenient, and often, cheaper than natural ranges. I am not going to go into the pros vs. cons in this post. I will share this with you though..

You see, when you hit off the AstroTurf, an unintended consequence is the plastic that attaches to the sole of the club. It acts as a measure of your clubs lie angle. You can immediately tell what portion of your club’s sole is making impact with the turf, just as a fitter will do with tape and an impact board. As you can see, I am slightly toe biased, at least on the irons…

I am pleased with what is pictured. More importantly, I was pleased with the ball flight. When I do get out on the course I have a feeling the TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Rescue and Mizuno MP53 combination will serve me well!

Click the pics to zoom for a closer look!