Yes, that’s correct, I am Left-Handed! A southpaw, an outcast, a pariah, at least as far as golf equipment manufactures are concerned. Just have a look at Golf Galaxy’s website showcasing all this years new clubs, all pre-orders are Right-Hand only. Of course I am not placing blame on Golf Galaxy. However, it is a glaring example of the plight myself and other disabled golfers face, no left-handed equipment.

We lefties are dis-abled from getting the clubs we desire. When one looks at the display wall at any “big box” golf retailer they will see a plethora of right-handed iron sets and maybe 5 left-handed sets. Of those sets, will any be the “latest” models offered by TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, Cobra, etc.? I highly doubt it. We are dis-abled from finding a golf glove as well. When you are a lefty, you can forget finding a glove to put on your right hand in the spring.

But take heart my fellow disabled golfers! I see your numbers are growing, I hear your distress via the facebooks and twitters of the social media sphere. And, I, Jay, of am here to lead the charge and get us the rights we deserve! Remember! We stand on the right side of the ball!!!

This is, of course satire, but Cleveland Golf did send me out a CG 16 demo that was right-handed… “umm, it looks nice”…. That is the extent of my review on that club…