Recently I picked up the PING Putting Cradle for iPhone 4 and 4th Generation iPod Touch which is used to affix your iPhone or iPod to most standard putter shafts and as I tested, belly and long-shafted putters.

My single issue with this training tool is only a “naked” iPhone or iPod will fit in the cradle. For me, as you can guess, is not a good option. Doing so eliminates all efforts to “Jay-Proof” my iPhone! I have an OtterBox Defender on my iPhone 4s, which is one of the most protective cases available. In order for me to use this I must to remove my iPhone from its protection. The iPING Cradle does however have the cut-outs you find on most every iPhone case; volume buttons, headphone input, and the sleep/wake button. However, the iPING Cradle is not meant to substitute for a case if you use one.

Below you can watch both the Unboxing & Review as well as the iPING App & Cradle in action videos.

Here is the screen capture of my results…

The objective is to lower that 16.2 (my initial result, yours will differ) Putting Handicap through continued use of this app. I admit, it is a nice idea as far as motivation is concerned. You will tend to take your 5 putts, view your results and think, “OK, just five more!” Before you realize it, you have found yourself putting 40 more! Which is the idea.

As they say, “Putt for Doe, Drive for Show!”