As promised, I am back with more deatails from my lesson with PGA Professional Mike Richards at the Parkland Golf & Country Club. In addition to what you heard discussed in the video, Mike also suggested I get graphite shafted irons instead of steel. Main reason being how much heavier steel shafted iron are, especially the longer irons (5,6,7 irons). Graphite irons are easier to swing for those, like me, with lower swing speeds.

Which of these is not like the others?

And the answer is!

Another item that Mike Richards noticed right away was the grips I was using. I have the Winn Xi7 Hard Mid-sized grips on my steel irons. I simply love the feel and “tackiness” of these grips, however Mike alerted me to the flaw in having the Mid-sized version; no wrist hinge at the top! Thankfully Winn makes the same Xi7 grip in a more standard size. Here is a picture of my two 7-irons close up. Notice the difference in grip size. Thankfully, though, the tread pattern and “tackiness” remain the same. The slimmer size of the standard grips will make it easier to properly hinge my wrists once I am able to elevate my backswing.

I highly recommend these grips to those players who sweat a good deal, and/or, prefer to play without a glove. It is especially beneficial to those with higher swing speeds, as it tends not to shift in your hands after you apply your grip.

Next update will include the solution Mike suggested to better my putting and cure the dreaded Yips!