I want to present a review of the Kikkor Golf Men’s Tour Pro, Black Court Golf Shoe to you in this blog.



For some reason I have found it difficult to formulate this write up in a way that pleases me. That may sound like an odd second sentence when writing a golf shoe review, I know it was odd to write it. I mean, it is just a golf shoe after all. Well, I like to try to find some sort of deeper, more personally introspective, twist on anything I write about here on JaysGolf.com. I do this not only for myself, but in hopes that you, my reader, might think about what I am writing about in a new or unique way. If I am able to do that, I find pleasure and satisfaction.

So, back to the shoe from Kikkor. I do not know how introspective the shoe pictured above is, but I can say that I was in such a mind state while wearing them for the first time in the picture posted below…


At the time of this picture I was awaiting the beginning of what was only the third round of 2013 and it was July. One of the reasons I purchased these shoes was in a quest for comfort. This is in no way an excuse, but for the majority of 2013 up to this point my disability, Cerebral Palsy, had been troubling me. The first two rounds I played were in my FootJoy Contour Series shoes, and my feet, especially my “bad foot”, was killing me. Again, I was talking to some people on Twitter, and the Kikkor brand was recommended.

Some of the biggest issues I have had with golf shoes is when wearing them off turf, that is, on concrete or indoors. I remember wearing metal spikes (yes, I have been playing that long) and having my balance compromised while on hard surfaces. Not much changed in that respect when soft spiked shoes became the norm. I have been wanting to try the turf, football (soccer), style treaded shoe for some time now but had concerns as to how well they would hold up given the way I walk. I tend to wear down any shoes tread quickly with my gait. I shuffle, or drag my right toe, as opposed to the normal heel-toe motion. Not to mention how well they would wear on turf. Would the grip be comparable, better… Worse?!

I have great news on both fronts. Balance-wise they were great on hard surfaces, even encountered a hard wood floor and did not end up buffing it with my ass! The shoe’s tread longevity has yet to be proven, as I have only played six times as of the date I write this review. I suspect if I can stay off cart paths, these shoes ought to last at least two seasons, which is average.


On turf, these shoes preformed well. I even played in the rain twice and the grip was good. Feet were dry as well, so the waterproof claim hold true. It was only when I encountered a tee such as this one where the shoes lost grip…


One concern I did have is how the tread style can mark up a green, as shown…



I did post a picture and pose the question whether this bothered anyone over on HPGolfer.com. The majority were not too bothered by the footprints caused by these style shoes. This made me feel less self conscious. Not to say I should at all given all the ball marks that surround my footprints! But, I digress. Point is, I am more conscious about this than the average person might be, I feel for the greenskeeper.

I found what I sought, comfort. These shoes are comfortable, far more so than any other “name brand” golf shoe I have ever worn. If your feet hurt at all after a round, I definitely recommend trying a pair of Kikkor Golf shoes!

Here is a video from my YouTube Channel where I show off the Kikkor Golf Men’s Tour Pro, Black Court Golf Shoe. Enjoy!