I have been working very diligently on fixing my flat swing, implementing everything you can see in This Video. One can take all the practice swings they want in their back yard, but the true test is when you can get to the range and hit some balls; the real deal! I am not just putting myself on video for your entertainment and, dare I assume, complete amazement (haha), I’m also doing it so I can see if I am making the proper adjustments. Last week I did not bring my bag full of tripods and cameras with me to the range because I could not hit my 7 Iron and I had to fix that the “old fashioned way” before I could get back to working on getting my hands higher at the top of my backswing.

I hit about 200 balls with my 7 Iron last week and fixed my contact problem. I only needed about 50 to “fix” it, the remaining 150 were just to dial it in, so to speak. Today I brought my bag of A/V equipment with me to see if all my practice swings and weight training is working. As it turns out, I am making progress!

I will admit I surprised myself a bit while editing the stills together comparing my swing last year to that of this year, and its only April. Check it out!