Rules, FAQ, Guidelines, & Policies

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Rules, FAQ, Guidelines, & Policies

Postby jaysgolf » Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:44 pm

Items are not allowed on is a family friendly site, so we positively cannot allow adult themed products or links of any kind. This includes videos, toys, books, etc. We are very strict on this policy, and we will ban users caught violating forum rules.

General Forum Guidelines:
While we don't want to discourage friendly banter or even a valid, heated discussion, we do not tolerate flamewars of any type. Keep the conversation friendly - we're all fellow deal hunters so no need to fire off shots in any particular member's direction. Try to keep the arguments focused on the deal in question. If you think a deal sucks or you've seen a better deal around, tell us why it sucks and where you saw the deal!

Posting illegal activies or providing links related to such will result in a warning and possibly a full ban from our forums.
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