Well, I had my club fitting on the 28th and posted the full article of my experience in the Advice section of the site. The fitting was very enjoyable, and quite enlightening. Additionally, I am glad I spent close to a month in the gym doing golf-centric workouts to prepare for the fitting, as it did span nearly two hours. If you are considering a club fitting so early in the season (or what amounts to the off-season in my case), I highly recommend you do the same for the best results. Be sure to check out the full article on my club fitting experience! All the work I did in the gym has an added benefit as it turns out…

I am headed to sunny Florida to play some golf with my friend, who just happens to be the best golfer I know. Hope I can keep up! I know he is camera shy but I will try to get him to act as my camera man so I can post my adventures here for you! And when I say adventures, I do mean it, many of my most exciting and downright unbelievable stories involve this man (most having nothing to do with golf)!

After a good bit of research I decided to ship my clubs down there, rather than check them. I did this for three reasons; first, it’s just easier for me (I do have a disability as you may recall), second, it costs about the same or less to ship them, and third, you can insure your clubs whereas on the plane you cannot. Thus, I bought the Samsonite Club Coffin…

I feel like I’m driving a hearse with that in the back! The good folks at The UPS Store informed me that this is the best travel case to buy if you plan to ship it because you just need to affix the label and you are good to go, no additional box or packing materials necessary. Here are some other tips and information on shipping your clubs:

  • The cost is size-dependent until you reach the weight of 75 Lbs. After which, the price increases.
  • You can choose to ship it to another UPS Store near to your destination (if your hotel, etc. will not accept packages). If you choose this option, be sure to call the UPS Store you intend to ship it to verify that they will recieve and hold your package. There is typically a $5-$10 charge associated with that service as well.
  • Be sure to account for shipping delays, especially in the winter (snow, ice, etc.) by shipping it at least 4-5 business days in advance of the date you intend to pick your clubs up.
  • I am happy with this case and the method described above. There is more than enough room for my clubs, golf shoes, and what i would normally pack in a checked suitcase. So all i need is my carry on and I’m golden!

    Sunny Florida, you are soon to meet Jay!… Now to find a driving range thats open!