I am a lonely golfer. That is to say, I play most of my rounds alone. There are many different reasons that factor into why I play alone, but that is not why I bring you this blog today, I may delve into that in a later entry. Playing by oneself is fairly contrary to the stereotype (and reality) of what is required to play a round of golf. Most assume that you need to be paired in even numbers to be allowed to tee off for a round. This is not usually true as far as a requirement, although many do prefer to play with others. Often times, if you show up to the course, or call ahead, as a “single”, the Pro Shop attendant or Starter will add you to an existing pair or threesome. If this is the case, you may not be allowed to tee off at the time you had in mind, causing frustration and inconvenience.

I was recently alerted to a website that intends to place the decision of when and with whom you wish to play under your control. The site is called Nearest2thePin. The goal of Nearest2ThePin.com is to change the way golfers seek out other golfers online to meet up locally to play a round. The main features of Nearest2ThePin will include:

– Connect with other golfers in your area totally FREE.

– The interface is so simple you can find other golfers in seconds not minutes.

– Easily arrange rounds via a straight forward invite/message system.

– No ads, no distractions, just a simple way to find golfers near you.

Nearest2ThePin is launching in early April. No need to wait, you can sign up to be notified of their official launch at http://www.nearest2thepin.com.

They will send you some sneak peeks of the upcoming site and even give you early access before the site becomes available to the public.

Sign up today: http://www.nearest2thepin.com.