This question came to mind as a dentist was drilling holes in my skull. Had to distract myself somehow, right?!? But the more I actually thought about it I realized it was far from a clear cut answer. Sure, I can mention the 210 yard carry over wasteland I pulled off most recently at a course I had never played before (I not only carried the waste area, my actual carry was more around the 230 mark. Yea, I was surprised too!)

But as the drilling continued, my thoughts drifted back to when I was in my teens. I was playing in a “political outing” and I was a lil pup at the time. The hole was a par 4 dogleg right, short, maybe 380-400 yard range (funny how you can remember the slightest details, huh?!). I had a fine drive with my 3 wood and a good approach with my 5 wood, leaving it thirty yards from the front cut and the pin was dead middle. Easy PW up and down for my first par 4 right??

Oh, are you now asking yourself, “Jay said this was a political thingy, wouldn’t that be a scramble???” Nope, the format was best ball, was a long day my friends!

I digress, so there I am PW in hand faced with a 33 yard chip, my money shot. As I stand behind the ball a moment to see the line I see before me the green, the pin, and directly behind the hole was a road lined by telephone poles. Easy-peasy, nice and easy, I take my swing and WHACK! Out of nowhere I get all ball with swing speed three times what it should have been! As I recall all four of us said the same 4-letter word as the ball was headed right for the road. Remember the telephone poles I mentioned? Well the ball smacked into a pole dead center, about two stories up, bounced strait back and came to rest after two bounces about 5 feet from the pin. That same 4-letter word was re-uttered one more time, only this time it was preceded by the word “holy”! Haha

So I guess my point in this particular post is that one can use that often trite question as a way to meditate past our most recent conquest to revisit a far more meaningful memory.