I have used this phrase to describe how I want everyone that is new to golf to begin to learn and practice golf. It refers to exactly what you think it does, golf you can play in your back yard (if you are a city dweller, or have a postage stamp for a yard, might I suggest a park, etc.). This forces you to have nothing longer than a 9-iron if you are using a real ball, and a practice ball for any other club. It keeps you away from driving ranges and full courses, not only saving you money, but also frustration and possible embarrassment.

Are you familiar with the saying “dance as though no one is watching”? Well “back yard golf” is much the same, in the sense that you can mess up and not feel any embarrassment or fear. Golf can, at times, be a frustrating activity for even the most seasoned Pro’s, and I don’t want you to become frustrated and upset before giving yourself a fighting chance. I want you to essentially take any of the instruction and/or tips you find here on JaysGolf.com (or anywhere else you have picked up tips), and put them into practice in your back yard.

I can hear you now asking, “How can I practice that flop shot over a two story pine I read about in the forum in my back yard??” My answer, “You are not!” The main objective in back yard golf is to keep things small and manageable. You are going to build a foundation where every part of your game is going to start small and be built from the ground up.

After your initial investment of a set of clubs and some balls, if you stick to the “Back Yard” methodology, the only additional investment is your time. This was especially advantageous for me when I started playing since I had no job, money, and couldn’t drive yet. But I would argue that this method might benefit an adult even more than a kid who cannot drive that has no job, because it forces you back to, and adhere to, the basics.

We are working on building a strong foundation through this process. There is a reason your short irons are called “money clubs”. If you, in your back yard can master the art of landing a 15 yard chip anywhere you aim, not only will you get up and down nearly every hole, but you will have also mastered the fundamentals of the golf swing itself, for any club, most likely without even actually realizing it.

I will revisit the “Back Yard Golf” topic in my blog and the forums in far greater detail, with specific drills and tricks to do while in your back yard. I hope this write up has explained well enough the concept behind “back yard golf”.

My Back Yard!