For a moment, I would like you imagine a large, upright circle around your body (or look at the photo below). That large circle is the path the club head will travel during the majority of your swing. This is known as the “swing plane”.

One key to maintain this “circle” is to minimize the number of moving parts from your waist up, particularly your leading arm. My disability has given me an advantage in that my leading arm stays strait and does not bend at any point until halfway through my follow through. What this boils down to is essentially a club shaft that extends past my grip and all the way up to my shoulder. That is one long club shaft! And the longer the club shaft, the faster the club head speed. And we all know what faster club head speed equates to… a longer ball flight!

Another key is the takeaway. One way to help keep that left arm strait and the elbow “locked” is to sweep the club head back along the grass behind the ball as you begin your takeaway. This also helps keep the club head on that nice swing plane arc. So try this and just allow the base of the club head to remove itself from the grass through the natural course of you “sweeping” it back as you preform your backswing. The following video illustrated this rather well…

Look who else keeps his leading elbow locked…

One tip, or “swing thought” I like to tell anyone just starting out is to “pull through” the swing with the back of their left hand (reverse for lefties). I want you to envision slapping the ball with the back of your left hand. What that tends to promote is a locked elbow through contact, which in turn squares the club face.

Remember, the less moving parts, the less opportunity for error!

By keeping your leading arm (and elbow) strait, and “pulling through” impact, you will never have the dreaded “Chicken Wing”.

This should translate to a almost flawless release though the shot. Notice above how my left (or lower) hand virtually eclipses my glove hand.

Here is a video that will help you fix your “Chicken Wing”, you will just need a snazzy hat!