This past week, I played my first round of golf of the 2013 season. Yes, the date on this post is accurate, it is July! Due to schedule, health, and weather, I just have not been able to get out on the course. If you want to know more about the most ambiguous of those three, head over to the JaysGolfVlog Channel on Youtube. As with most things, I’m fairly candid on those vlogs. However, this particular blog post is meant to be far more jovial.

I brought my Kodak PlaySport and Joby GorillaPod with the intention of filming a few holes, shot by shot, as though you were playing along with me. I also used the Vine app quite often as well. If you are a Vine user, please do follow me, “JaysGolf”. Let me know what you think about the videos, if you like them I’ll do more! If you don’t like them, I’ll still do more anyway!

For now, enjoy the videos and stay tuned for more!

Here is a compilation of the Vines I shot while playing…