Jaysgolf.com has been live for a little over a year (more on that subject in the next blog) so this is not the first December Jaysgolf.com has been in existence, but it is the first that I have an “audience”. That said, I thought it appropriate time to talk about some possible gift ideas for your favorite golfer, even if that is you! Additionally, this blog might help those who do not know the first thing about golf get a golf related gift that is not only appreciated, but, possibly more importantly, used.

Yes, Balls, golf balls! This is probably the first thing you think about when giving a gift to a golfer. It may not be as cut and dry as it was even 10 years ago, as seen here by the list generated for me when I was fitted for a golf ball. Funny part is that I ended up playing they 12th ball on that list. For me, nothing on the to 10 even came close to the way the 12th preformed for me! Yes, I’m going to make you click that link to see which one… For no other reason than to get a sense for just how many there are to choose from. But DO NOT WORRY! Grab that brown bag and keep reading. We golfers love all balls! With the exception of a few, we all like to experiment, especially when we are not paying. In fact, sometimes we get stuck in our habits and can be afraid to deviate. So your gift may end up being the best thing that’s happened to your recipient in many seasons! Here is a link to Dick’s Sporting Goods where you can get all the top golf balls for no more than $50. They are also having a special “buy two, get one free” on my number 12 ball.

Best be careful here, especially if you are thinking of golf clubs as a gift. Firstly, they are pricey, secondly, there are about as diverse a selection of clubs as there are balls to choose from. My advise, if you really want to give clubs, pick up a gift certificate for a club fitting.

Toys! Golfers seem to love “accessories”, everything from GPS Range Finders to golf towels. That is an example of two extremes, especially as far as price in concerned. Save for maybe a bag of tees, but that’s not to far from a lump of coal. But even so, no golfer can deny they need a bag of tees! Point here is, your golfer will appreciate any gift from the Accessories link from any of the stores listed below.

Gift Certificates.
These are the “safe play” if you are not really sure, and if you are buying for yourself, the gift certificate is otherwise known and your wallet! You can make the certificate “personal” as well. Do not think of it as having to be from a sporting goods store or golf pro shop with the intention of redemption of only products. What we golfers spend on our obsession, umm, I mean sport is viewed as insane to those who do not have “the itch”. Forget the cost of the equipment, we have to pay greens fees, many pay for a lesson (or 12), there are even confrences and trade shows that we all gather and “geek out” over everything “GOLF”. So you might consider a gift certificate from their favorite course, for a lesson (or 12), or go big and send him or her to the PGA Merchandise Show! Hint, hint.. ~ahem~

Here is a list of my favorite retailers. A gift certificate/card can be purchased for all of them and they all have promotions going on during the month of December for the holidays:

Amazon Golf

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Golf Galaxy


Rock Bottom Golf

TGW: The Golf Wearhouse


Callaway Golf Preowned


In The Hole Golf

Games People Play Golf

For more, just click the Stores link above. Happy shopping!!