I have what some might refer to as an obsession with belts. I can never seem to find a belt that is what I now would say is “JaysGolf Approved” (yes, that is turning into a thing). In my lifetime I can only remember three belts with which I have had no problems. Many times I find myself in-between holes, or they are of poor quality and after one summer season, warp out of shape. Of the three belts that I love; one is a brown leather belt from Aberchrombie & Fitch that has lasted 14 years to date, second is a high end black leather dress belt from Jos. A. Bank Clothiers which I use when I “suit up”, and lastly, a black leather belt with a fabric lining from Lands’ End that was labeled a “Golfer’s Belt”. None of these are available any longer. Thus, I am always on the hunt for my next favorite belt.

My hope is that the belt I bring you today might become that elusive fourth favorite. This is a belt from NexBelt, and as their tag line states, it’s “the belt with no holes”. My first thought was “this might solve one of my problems!” It is what is known as a ratcheting belt, where it has no holes and cinches to 1/4″ increments. Theoretically, you will never find yourself in-between holes as with a standard belt.


It arrived in a very robust and smart container. I literally cannot justify simply referring to this as a “box”. It will definitely keep it safe throughout the shipping process, as well as look nice on display.



On the back of the container the ratcheting system of the belt is depicted. Possibly better stated, the release system of the buckle is shown and explained. You will want to be sure you familiarize yourself with how this works prior to wearing it out on the course. If you watch the video at the end of this post you will see exactly what I mean. Trust me, you will not want to be caught doing “the dance” and find out the hard way you do not know how to release the belt from the buckle!



As you might have notice on the picture above, the belt itself comes in a set of standard lengths and has guidelines that correspond to waist size where you can cut it to fit. The leather is very easy to cut, I used a pair of craft Fiskars. As I mentioned in the video review, “measure twice, cut once”. What I did was take my A&F belt and laid the NexBelt on the inside of it and decided where to cut that way. I actually gave the NexBelt an extra inch with the though that I and always cut away more, but I can never add more.



The style, or version I purchased is called the X-Factor Series and hidden inside the buckle is a magnetic receptacle for a metal ball marker. The belt comes with a ball marker, but I believe you can use your own if you so choose.



Here is the full Unboxing and Review video, and in the middle take note of my struggles with the buckle’s release.

Here is a photo after I cut the belt to size.


And do not get all bent out of shape…. They do offer the belt in white!

If you are interested in learning more, visit the NexBelt Site, and you can also find them on Twitter @_NexBelt_