It is Masters Week! As if right on cue, it was 80 degrees and gorgeous in my area today. This week always seems to bring with it many different feelings and emotions for me, virtually all wonderfully positive. I tend to think more about my own experiences with the game, more than Augusta per se. I think of my grandfather, my high school coach (who I still run into on the course), and my time playing under their tutelage. I take inventory of my game. I get my clubs out of hibernation, admire them one at a time, being sure all are accounted for, one might run off! You never know! I load my bag into the back of my Jeep where it will spend most of its days for the next nine months.

Now, that I have an online presence and a “Brand” so it would seem in JaysGolf, I am compelled to think what might lie ahead in my future and the future of JaysGolf. You will just have to stay tuned to find that out! Sorry, no hints yet! But to help satiate your need for all things “Jay”, here a couple videos… Enjoy!